Spinal Cord Injury Research Centre

The Spinal Cord Injury Research Centre (SCIRC) at NeuRA was established in 2020.

The Centre conducts research aimed at improving the lives of those with spinal cord injuries, and was built thanks to funding from SpinalCure Australia.

The Centre is home to studies that could lead to significant changes to the treatment methods for people with spinal cord injuries. Scroll down to meet our research teams and find our social media channels.

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Spinal Cord Injury Volunteer Database

The SCIRC has a volunteer database for people with a spinal cord injury. Add your details to the database to be contacted about involvement in future research studies. Click the button above if you would like to find out more about this database or add your details.

Cutting Edge Equipment and Research

This facility contains state-of-the-art exercise, rehabilitation and neurophysiology equipment. NeuRA has long been a world leader in neurostimulation research. The creation of this centre in 2020 enables the organisation to increase the scope and speed of this research. The Centre is currently exploring cutting-edge techniques, such as neurostimulation, acute-intermittent hypoxia and inspiratory muscle training, which could help activate muscles in people with spinal cord injuries. Improved activation of muscles is likely to lead to improved bodily functions, such as breathing and walking.

Discover our current spinal cord injury studies

Why our research matters

Around 350 Australians are affected by a spinal cord injury each year, many of them at a young age. The effects of a spinal cord injury are major: they can impair many critical functions that are easily taken for granted. Movement, sensation, blood pressure control as well as bowel, bladder and sexual function can all be affected.

NeuRA’s commitment to spinal cord injury research could help improve the quality of life of the estimated 12,000 people across Australia who have a spinal cord injury.

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General contact email: scirc-info@neura.edu.au

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The Spinal Cord Injury Research Centre is based at Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA) which is located next to the Prince of Wales Hospital on Barker Street in Randwick NSW.

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