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Senior Research Fellow
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Martin Héroux (BSc PT, MSc, PhD) trained as a physiotherapist at the University of Ottawa, where he subsequently research his Master’s degree. He obtained his PhD from Queen’s University (Kingston, Canada) and completed his post-doctoral training at the University of British Columbia. He has worked at Neuroscience Research Australia for almost 10 years , where his research spans a variety of areas. Dr. Héroux has completed numerous studies on human motor neuron physiology and muscle function and biomechanics. He also has an interest in human proprioception, sensorimotor control and spinal cord injury research. More recently, Dr. Héroux has investigated issues surrounding bad science and poor reporting in the biomedical science.


2024, 12 May

How we perceive the width of grasped objects: Insights into the central processes that govern proprioceptive judgements

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2024, 01 Mar

Proprioception: Clarification of low-level and high-level—Response to Wali and Block 2024

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2023, 20 Nov

Poor statistical reporting, inadequate data presentation and spin persist despite Journal awareness and updated Information for Authors

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2023 Jun

Transcutaneous spinal stimulation in people with and without spinal cord injury: Effect of electrode placement and trains of stimulation on threshold intensity

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2023, 03 Jan

Upper Limb Function but Not Proprioception is Impaired in Essential Tremor: A Between-Groups Study and Causal Mediation Analysis

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2022, 01 Sep

Proprioception: fallacies and misconceptions – response to Han et al. 2022

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2022 Sep

Quality Output Checklist and Content Assessment (QuOCCA): a new tool for assessing research quality and reproducibility

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2022, 18 Apr

Poor statistical reporting in a spinal cord injury clinical trial

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2022, 01 Mar

Proprioception: a new look at an old concept

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2021, 01 Dec

Negligible epimuscular myofascial force transmission between the human rectus femoris and vastus lateralis muscles in passive conditions

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