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NeuRA’s PhD students are the future leaders of neuroscience in Australia and around the world. They are the brilliant minds that will solve some of the most complex health challenges of our time and the health professionals who will help to ensure that the diseases of today will not be the diseases of tomorrow.

NeuRA can offer the scholarship top-up thanks in part to the generous support provided by our PhD Pearl sponsors and other philanthropic benefactors. This support provided by the PhD Pearl sponsor goes directly towards supporting a budding neuroscientist to stay the course of their PhD, launch a successful scientific career, flourish, and make an important contribution to medical research that will create a lasting impact on people’s quality of life.

As a Pearl sponsor, you will be matched with a specially selected student. We will provide you with a profile of your student, regular progress reports and video updates, and invitations to special events, including NeuRA’s annual PhD Symposium. We will aim to facilitate a meaningful ongoing personal relationship between you and your PhD that includes opportunities for mentoring. There is also the opportunity to have your scholar named whilst you are the sponsor. 

In November 2023, NeuRA hosted its second annual PhD Symposium by inviting eight PhD students to rise to the challenge of a Three-Minute Thesis (3MT) presentation. The 3MT is a cherished academic tradition where students must succinctly present their thesis in under three minutes, employing a captivating and enlightening delivery, and relying solely on a single Powerpoint slide. See their presentations here.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a PhD Pearl sponsor, please phone Lauren Moore on (02) 9399 1093 or email

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