Our students are critical to the future of neuroscience. As the scientific and medical leaders of tomorrow, they will solve some of our most complex and pressing health issues including dementia, chronic pain and mental health. Scholarships and financial support enable our best and brightest minds to feel supported as they contribute original research to the field of neuroscience.

Apply for NeuRA's PhD Pearl Program

NeuRA’s PhD Pearl program aims to provide a top-up package of support for four years to enable full-time PhD students to focus on their research without the added workload of supplementary paid employment. We also hope to provide financial support by including an allowance for training and attending conferences.

In addition to the financial benefits, as a NeuRA PhD Pearl, you will have the opportunity to form a mentoring relationship with the Pearl benefactor. Pearl sponsors are often people who have achieved success in business, with skills and knowledge to share, as well as professional networking opportunities. In addition, there will be opportunities for PhD Pearls to develop their skills in public speaking with the annual symposium, as well as video production to produce brief progress updates for sponsors.

To find out more please see the FAQ or contact the Pearl program coordinator, Lauren Moore, at l.moore@neura.edu.au.

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Supplementary scholarships for PhD students

UNSW PhD students based full time at NeuRA with a NeuRA supervisor can receive a supplementary scholarship of $5000 per year (pro rata for part time) for the duration of studies. This is in addition to a RTP scholarship (if awarded), as long as the tax-free threshold is not exceeded.

Applying for postgraduate research scholarships and awards

NeuRA can help you find information on applying for postgraduate research scholarships through UNSW or your home university for both Australian and international students. Australian and NZ students undertaking post-graduate degrees by research are HECS exempt. International students are required to pay fees (and cost of living expenses) but may be eligible for some scholarships.

You will have the opportunity to apply for numerous awards, for travel or general support, during your research project. These awards are granted on the basis of academic excellence.

There are several different types of Graduate Research Scholarships available for PhD and Masters students through UNSW including:

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