In memory

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Gifts given in memory of someone are a lovely way to honour them and their interests.

Celebrate a life
If you wish to make a lasting tribute in the form of a charitable donation for a loved one you may:
  • Donate over the phone by calling 1300 888 019 or 02 9399 1122
  • Create a tribute page via Funraisin to send to friends and family to make donations in lieu of flowers
  • Download a donation form and mail the completed form to Reply Paid 1165, Randwick NSW 2031
  • Download and add this QR code to the service program to allow others to make donations via the online form below
  • Make a secure credit card donation below. To dedicate the gift to your loved one, please tick ‘This gift is in honour, memory, or support of someone’, and then insert the details of who the donation is being made in tribute to.