For over 30 years, NeuRA has been Australia’s home of brain and nervous system research, dedicated to finding better ways to understand, diagnose, treat and prevent neurological disorders.

Our impact wouldn’t be possible without the support of everyday Australians who volunteer to participate in our research.

As a research participant, you play a critical role in helping us advance the treatment and understanding of neurological diseases and conditions, ultimately improving the lives of countless individuals, their families and carers.

Why participate in medical research?

  • Make a meaningful contribution to society
  • Learn more about your own health
  • Help researchers better understand a particular medical condition or disease
  • Contribute to new treatments being developed that can improve the lives of others
  • Make a meaningful contribution to advancing the field of neuroscience

Discover the range of medical research trials we are currently recruiting for, below.

Volunteer as a healthy research participant

You can also volunteer as a general healthy research participant. Healthy participants are essential to our research as a comparison group, if you are over the age of 18 years you are eligible to volunteer. Parents and Guardians may also register their child to volunteer in research.

Download the Healthy Research Volunteer Registry Brochure to learn more about volunteering as an adult or download the Child and Adolescent Research Volunteer Registry Brochure to learn more about registering your child.

You can also contact us on 02 9399 1155 or email us at

How to register

If you're interested in registering your interest to volunteer as a healthy research participant, fill in this form for adults or this form for children. Alternatively you can download the brochures via the links above and send your completed form(s) to Research Volunteer Registry, Neuroscience Research Australia, PO Box 1165, Randwick NSW 2031.

Research projects you can volunteer for