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Lynne Bilston

Current Appointments

Senior Principal Research Scientist
NHMRC Senior Research Fellow Conjoint Professor, UNSW Medicine
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From a background in biomechanical engineering, the focus of my research is on how the soft tissues in the human body respond to mechanical loading – both those loads which cause injury and those which are part of normal function. I develop novel methods for measuring biomechanical properties and behaviour of soft tissues in humans, particularly using Magnetic Resonance Imaging and rheometry. I apply these techniques to study mechanisms of traumatic injury, disorders of cerebrospinal fluid flow in the brain and spinal cord, and obstructive sleep apnoea.


2023 Feb

Ex vivo bovine liver nonlinear viscoelastic properties: MR elastography and rheological measurements

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2022, 03 Oct

Child restraint headrest and belt routing design features and their association with child passenger behavior and restraint misuse

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2022, 01 Sep

Regional genioglossus reflex responses to negative pressure pulses in people with obstructive sleep apnea

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2022, 04 Jul

Head excursion in frontal impacts is lower in high back booster seats than in forward facing child seats with internal harnesses designed for children up to 8 years of age

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2022, 17 Feb

Comparative performance of rearward and forward-facing child restraint systems with common use errors: Effect on crash injury risk for a 1-year-old occupant

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2022, 01 Feb

Task-dependent neural control of regions within human genioglossus

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2022 Jan

Can Age or Height Define Appropriate Thresholds for Transition to Adult Seat Belts? An Analysis of Observed Seat Belt Fit in Children Aged 7–12 Years

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2021, 03 Oct

Dynamic frontal crash performance of old and used child restraint systems

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2021, 09 Apr

Mandibular advancement splint response is associated with the pterygomandibular raphe

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2020, 08 Dec

Respiratory cerebrospinal fluid flow is driven by the thoracic and lumbar spinal pressures

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