StandingTall with Our Mob Project

Healthy ageing is your mind staying young” 

– Koori Growing Old Well Study participant 

Healthy ageing calls for cognitively, physically and socially active lifestyles. Yet, consultations with communities have highlighted the importance of addressing health and wellbeing in a holistic way. Our StandingTall with Our Mob Project (STOMP!) aims to support the wellbeing of older Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with a new, positive approach to health that focuses on ageing well” for older people. This holistic approach will aim to improve or maintain cognitive, social, emotional and physical wellbeing as community members move into older age.

The STOMP! study includes three main components:
  1. a home-based exercise program offering gentle balance, strength, and cardio exercises through an iPad app (StandingTall);
  2. a group mindfulness-based stress-reduction program (Ngarraanga Giinganay Thinking Peacefully’), to improve social and emotional well-being and reduce the impact of stress through cultural connection; and
  3. a Healthy Ageing Education component consisting of weekly fact sheets and fun quizzes on healthy ageing topics such as sleep and dementia as well as topics like creativity and learning.

Participants will receive all three components with the programs trialled at different time points to determine the best way to implement them in communities for active and healthy ageing. All of these programs have previously been developed and piloted in collaboration with Aboriginal community members and experts in Aboriginal health.

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