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Daina Sturnieks

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Senior Research Scientist (Conjoint)
Conjoint Senior Research Scientist, NeuRA
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Dr Sturnieks has a PhD in human biomechanics (UWA). She is Senior Lecturer in Anatomy at UNSW Medicine and Conjoint Senior Research Scientist at NeuRA. Her research focuses on understanding biomechanical, sensorimotor and neurocognitive contributions to balance and falls in older people and clinical groups, and randomised controlled trials of novel interventions to prevent falls involving balance, stepping and cognitive training. Dr Sturnieks is active in translating research findings into community, aged care and hospital settings and is Executive Board Member of the Australian and New Zealand Falls Prevention Society.


2024, 01 Jun

Brain and brawn in balance: Central processing speed and muscle torque development speed are independently associated with the ability to recover balance with feet-in-place

View full journal-article on https://app.dimensions.ai/details/publication/pub.1170615377

2024 Jun

Poor mobility and lower limb weakness are associated with three distinct depressive symptom trajectories over 6 years in older people

View full journal-article on https://doi.org/10.1111/ajag.13273

2024, 10 May

Ladder Use Ability, Behavior and Exposure by Age and Gender

View full journal-article on https://doi.org/10.3390/geriatrics9030061

2024, 01 Apr

A custom-built step exergame training programme to prevent falls in people with multiple sclerosis: A multicentre randomised controlled trial

View full journal-article on https://app.dimensions.ai/details/publication/pub.1168922810

2024, 01 Apr

Treadmill induced belt-accelerations may not accurately evoke the muscle responses to obstacle trips in older people

View full journal-article on https://app.dimensions.ai/details/publication/pub.1168187533

2024 Apr

Cognitive and physical declines and falls in older people with and without mild cognitive impairment: a 7-year longitudinal study

View full journal-article on https://doi.org/10.1017/S1041610223000315

2024, 11 Feb

Effect of cognitive training on cognitive function in community‐dwelling older people with mild‐to‐moderate dementia: A single‐blind randomised controlled trial

View full journal-article on https://doi.org/10.1111/ajag.13283

2024 Jan

Exergame and cognitive training for preventing falls in community-dwelling older people: a randomized controlled trial

View full journal-article on https://doi.org/10.1038/s41591-023-02739-0

2023, 01 Dec

Prefrontal and Motor Planning Cortical Activity during Stepping Tasks Is Related to Task Complexity but Not Concern about Falling in Older People: A fNIRS Study

View full journal-article on https://app.dimensions.ai/details/publication/pub.1166701755