An interactive step training RCT to reduce falls in people with Multiple Sclerosis

Prof Stephen Lord, Dr Phus Hoang, Dr Jasmine Menant Menant, Dr Daina Sturnieks

More than 50% of people with multiple sclerosis will fall over a 3 month period. A clinical trial is being conducted in 500 people with multiple sclerosis who have difficulties with mobility and balance. Participants are recruited from Multiple Sclerosis clinics in Sydney and Adelaide. Based on our recent pilot study, this project will evaluate potential fall-related and health benefits of a home-based step training intervention. The intervention will target key underlying causes of falls including slow and inaccurate stepping performance, poor controlled leaning balance and impaired executive functioning. The primary outcome measure is reported falls measured over the 6‑month trial. Secondary outcomes include tests of static and dynamic balance, stepping, walking performance and sleep quality assessed at baseline and completion of the trial.We hope the results will provide solid scientific evidence to include in fall management programs for people with this condition.