SafeTrip – step training to reduce falls in older adults


The Falls, Balance & Injury Research Centre are looking for volunteers for other studies like the ReacStep Study

The SafeTrip study is investigating how older adults learn protective stepping skills to avoid falls when encountering trips and slips. With NeuRA’s cutting-edge motion capture system and other wearable devices, we will be able to observe and analyse movement and muscle activity during reactive or proactive step training.

The SafeTrip team are looking for volunteers aged 65 years and over who:

  • have not been advised by a medical practitioner to not exercise
  • have no existing conditions that may prevent them from exercising (e.g. severe pain, heel ulcers, exercise intolerance, fatigue, etc.)
  • have no neurological conditions (e.g. Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Dementia, etc.)
  • have no history of lower limb, pelvis or vertebral fracture(s) or joint replacement(s) in the past 6 months
  • can walk 500m comfortably without mobility aids or rest
  • are active (i.e. exercising for at least 60mins/​week) and living independently in the Sydney metropolitan community
  • are not currently participating in any other falls prevention research studies

Eligible volunteers will be invited to NeuRA for some baseline assessments before being randomly allocated to either the intervention or control group. Only the intervention group will undertake the reactive balance training (i.e. 3 weekly training sessions followed by 3‑monthly retraining sessions). All participants will receive a fall prevention information booklet and will be invited back for a 12-month re-assessment.

Register your interest or contact the SafeTrip team on 02 9399 1067 or email hidden; JavaScript is required for more information. HC190952