EQUIP-ALL: Equitable Pain Care – Globally

EQUIP-ALL aims to improve equity in pain care in Australia and globally. It currently has two research streams: EQUIP-Australia and Low Back Pain in low-resourced countries. Dr Saurab Sharma leads this research theme alongside Prof James McAuley at the Centre for Pain IMPACT.


This stream of research aims to improve pain care in Australia by developing culturally appropriate evidence-based education tools for socially disadvantaged and underserved culturally and linguistically diverse Australians.

Low Back Pain in low-resourced countries

Low back pain is the number one cause of disability globally with estimated increase in disability burden in low and middle-income countries (LMICs). With an aim to improve care for low back pain in LMICs, Dr Saurab Sharma is currently leading a Consortium for Low Back Pain in LMICs which includes 65 members from 35 countries. A series of papers has been commissioned by the Journal of Orthopaedics & Sports Physical Therapy on this topic.