Announcing the NeuRA 2023 Annual Report

We are proud to announce the release of NeuRA’s 2023 Annual Report. This report is organised along the lines of NeuRA’s new research strategy, which sees us taking a strong focus on neurodegeneration and mental health as two growing and pressing community needs we must address. The third area of our work, translational neuroscience, comprehends a diversity of approaches to other disorders of the brain and nervous system: chronic pain, spinal cord injury, motor vehicle injury, sleep apnoea and more.

The organising factor for our 2023 Report is the vibrant NeuRA community. Medical research requires a lot of curiosity, empathy towards community needs, and a drive to problem-solve – traits that are not only evident in our scientists but also in the support system that surrounds them.

Throughout this Annual Report, you will see the many faces of our community, and we are pleased to shine the spotlight on our loyal supporters, expressing our gratitude for their contributions. We also emphasise the critical and symbiotic relationship between senior research leaders, their PhD students, and Postdoctoral Fellows. 

We extend our warmest thanks to our invaluable network of staff, collaborators, supporters and partners in enabling us to drive discovery, translation, and impact in the field of neuroscience and human health.

Download the 2023 Annual Report.

27 July 2023