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Yasmine Kostoglou

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Research Assistant
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Yasmine joined the Laboratory of ImmunoPsychiatry in 2022 as a UNSW Neuroscience Honours student supervised by Dr Adam K Walker. Her Honours thesis focused on the impact of a novel therapeutic target for treating cancer- and chemotherapy-induced memory impairment in mice. She was awarded First Class Honours for her research project, and has now joined the Schizophrenia Research Laboratory led by Professor Cyndi Shannon Weickert as a Research Assistant. Yasmine is involved in a number of projects examining the role of neuroinflammation in schizophrenia. This includes studying cortical and subcortical brain regions of people with schizophrenia to determine how the state of tissue and cells may differ to controls and people with bipolar disorder. Yasmine is deeply passionate about neuroscience, and she hopes that her research at NeuRA will help to shed light on complex mental disorders.