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Sonia Hesam-Shariati

Current Appointments

Postdoctoral Fellow
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Sonia studied cellular and molecular biology as her bachelor degree and completed her master’s in medical microbiology at Tehran University of Medical Sciences in 2015. After graduation, she worked as a research assistant and was involved in clinical projects which resulted in a couple of publications.

Sonia joined Dr Fullerton’s research group in 2018 to commence her doctoral studies. Her PhD thesis, which she submitted in 2022, was titled "Environmental, genetic and epigenetic contributors to the risk of bipolar disorder" and employed analyses of a cohort of young people at high familial risk of bipolar disorder. Sonia's thesis studies were focused on identifying genetic and epigenetic contributors to bipolar disorder, as well as examining the role of stress and other potentially important environmental factors in contributing to risk of mental illness.

Since graduating Sonia has continued in the Fullerton group as a postdoctoral fellow.


2022 Dec

Clinical and CT scan findings in patients with COVID-19 pneumonia: a comparison based on disease severity

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2022, 03 Aug

Epigenetic signatures relating to disease-associated genotypic burden in familial risk of bipolar disorder.

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2022, 20 Jun

Bacterial community of chronic rhinosinusitis patients and therapeutic ultrasound efficacy: clinical trial study

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2022, 04 Apr

Genetic and environment effects on structural neuroimaging endophenotype for bipolar disorder: a novel molecular approach.

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2021, 12 Jun

Increased pulmonary embolism in patients with COVID-19: a case series and literature review.

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2019, 13 Sep

The pulsed ultrasound strategy effectively decreases the S. aureus population of chronic rhinosinusitis patients.

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2018, 01 Dec

Quantitative analysis of <i>Staphylococcus aureus</i> in patients with chronic rhinosinusitis under continuous ultrasound treatment.

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2017, 15 Sep

Detection of enterotoxigenic <i>Bacteroides fragilis</i> in patients with ulcerative colitis.

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2016, 31 Aug

Detection of Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis in Iranian patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus by PCR and ELISA.

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