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Scientia Professor

George Paxinos

Current Appointments

NHMRC Senior Principal Research Scientist, NeuRA
Conjoint Scientia Professor of the School of Medical Sciences, UNSW

Key Research Areas

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Professor George Paxinos is the scientist who mapped the brain of humans and the principal experimental animals. He studied at Berkeley, McGill and Yale and was a visiting scientist at Cambridge, Oxford, Stanford and UCLA. As brain cartographers before him, he publishes his work principally in books, 57 in his case. His first, The Rat Brain in Stereotaxic Coordinates, is the most cited publication in neuroscience and, for three decades, the third most cited book in science.

The First edition of his Atlas of the Human Brain received The Award for Excellence in Publishing in Medical Science from The Association of American Publishers (AAP) and the latest edition the British Medical Association Illustrated Book Award. His Human Brainstem was a 2020 PROSE Award finalist (AAP).

After a 21-year effort, Paxinos wrote a novel in the environmental genre: Orwellian in its encapsulation of the quintessential moral and social dilemmas of the 21st century, A River Divided shows Paxinos is also a storyteller. Cloned ancient genes skip two thousand years to produce identical twins who are raised apart, unaware of the other’s existence, but destined to clash in an almighty battle for the Amazon. You can order the novel at or at,, (for outside Australia).

Click here to see a presentation of relevant photographs from research trips to Israel, Greece, the Vatican, the Brazilian Amazon and Bueno Aires. You can also access the song from the Greek language version of the book.

A River Divided by George Paxinos

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Prof Paxinos’s most significant atlases and books
The Paxinos and Watson Collaboration

Nissl and AChE Staining Protocols for Beginners

A Ch E Stain Protocol 800x1132
Cresyl Violet Nissl Stain Protocol 800x1132


2022, 31 Oct

The anatomy of obsessive-compulsive disorder

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2022, 18 Oct

HumanBrainAtlas: an in vivo MRI dataset for detailed segmentations

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2020, 18 Sep

Subcortical Atlas of the Rhesus Macaque (SARM) for Magnetic Resonance Imaging

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The Chick Brain in Stereotaxic Coordinates and Alternate Stains: Featuring Neuromeric Divisions and Mammalian Homologies


3D imaging of PSD-95 in the mouse brain using the advanced CUBIC method


Kif1bp loss in mice leads to defects in the peripheral and central nervous system and perinatal death (vol 6, 2017)


Odor Enrichment Increases Hippocampal Neuron Numbers in Mouse


Publisher Correction: Kif1bp loss in mice leads to defects in the peripheral and central nervous system and perinatal death


An ontologically consistent MRI-based atlas of the mouse diencephalon


Kif1bp loss in mice leads to defects in the peripheral and central nervous system and perinatal death

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