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Javad Jamshidi completed his BSc degree in cellular and molecular biology in 2009 and then completed a Master’s degree in human genetics in 2012 in Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences in Tehran. After graduation, he joined Fasa University of Medical Sciences (FUMS) as a lecturer for five years. Besides teaching, he actively continued his research career and collaborations with other researchers which resulted in a number of publications in his fields of interest: human genetics, neurogenetics and psychiatric genetics. Demonstrating excellence in research, Javad was awarded the “Outstanding Researcher Award” by FUMS twice in 2014 and 2017. He is also an investigator on the largest cohort study in Iran, the “PERSIAN Cohort”, a prospective study aiming to recruit 170,000 Iranian participants (35-70 years) to identify the risk factors of the most prevalent chronic diseases. Holding a prestigious UNSW Scientia PhD scholarship awarded by University of New South Wales, he is now a PhD student in NeuRA working on the genetics and neuroscience of wellbeing and resilience.


2023 May

Negative association between anterior insula activation and resilience during sustained attention: an fMRI twin study

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2022 Dec

Wellbeing and brain structure: A comprehensive phenotypic and genetic study of image‐derived phenotypes in the UK Biobank

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2022, 19 Mar

Phenotypic and genetic analysis of a wellbeing factor score in the UK Biobank and the impact of childhood maltreatment and psychiatric illness

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2021, 02 Aug

Associations between mental wellbeing and fMRI neural bases underlying responses to positive emotion in a twin sample

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2020 Nov

Diverse phenotypic measurements of wellbeing: Heritability, temporal stability and the variance explained by polygenic scores

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Phenotypic and genotypic characterization of families with complex intellectual disability identified pathogenic genetic variations in known and novel disease genes

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2019 Dec

Genetic analysis of rs11038167, rs11038172 and rs835784 polymorphisms of the TSPAN18 gene in Iranian schizophrenia patients

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2019, 04 May

Incomplete penetrance of CRX gene for autosomal dominant form of cone-rod dystrophy

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Homozygous Mutation in TWNK Cases Ataxia, Sensorineural Hearing Loss and Optic Nerve Atrophy

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A novel c.240_241insGG mutation in NDP gene in a family with Norrie disease

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