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Francine Carew-Jones

Current Appointments

Brain donor liaison officer
Senior Research Officer UNSW
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Francine has worked at NeuRA since March 2000, after completing her degree. Starting her career as a full-time research assistant working on Parkinson’s disease research with Dr Kay Double. After this time, she has worked with Professor Glenda Halliday and Dr Claire Shepherd focusing on dementia research.

She now works part-time as the Sydney Brain Bank Liaison Officer, managing relationships between the Sydney Brain Bank and the Brain Donor Programs. Francine also manages the NeuRA Volunteers brain donor program, recruiting healthy brain donors over the age of 60.

Francine is also involved with Dr Claire Shepherd’s research studies.


2020, 02 Jun

Alzheimer's amyloid-β and tau protein accumulation is associated with decreased expression of the LDL receptor-associated protein in human brain tissue.

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2020, 01 Mar

CYLD is a causative gene for frontotemporal dementia - amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

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2019, 08 Nov

Intracellular and secreted forms of clusterin are elevated early in Alzheimer's disease and associate with both Aβ and tau pathology.

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2019, 24 Apr

Coexisting Lewy body disease and clinical parkinsonism in frontotemporal lobar degeneration.

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2014, 24 Jan

Increased Ndfip1 in the substantia nigra of Parkinsonian brains is associated with elevated iron levels.

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2010, 29 Jan

Substantia nigra echomorphology and motor cortex excitability.

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2009, 13 Mar

Anti-melanin antibodies are increased in sera in Parkinson's disease.

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2007 Jan

Lipid content determines aggregation of neuromelanin granules in vitro.

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2005, 31 Aug

Differential effects of human neuromelanin and synthetic dopamine melanin on neuronal and glial cells.

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2005 Jul

Alpha-synuclein redistributes to neuromelanin lipid in the substantia nigra early in Parkinson's disease.

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