NeuRA Imaging is a state of the art, open-access 3T MRI research facility. This means that our scanner is available to individuals wanting to use it for academic, industry and clinical research purposes.

NeuRA Imaging is located within Neuroscience Research Australia in Randwick, Sydney. We have available:

  • two 3T MRI scanners
  • fMRI equipment
  • MR compatible eye tracking system
  • data repository
  • imaging analysis software
  • a team of MR Imaging experts
  • a ‘mock scanner’ for anxious participants to experience being inside an MRI scanner before going into the real scanner
Why this research matters

MRI scanners are vital to brain research because the scans are non-invasive. That means we can get crucial, potentially life-saving information on conditions ranging from dementia to spinal cord injury, without having to perform surgery.

Additionally, this technology is constantly evolving and enabling us to measure brain structure in much finer detail, giving us access to deeper parts of the brain. For example, the Susbstantia nigra is right down at the bottom of the brain and is an area that has not been easy to image in the past. Its also technically difficult to track the connections from the Susbstantia nigra to other parts of the brain. Here at NeuRA, we are one of the few groups in the world doing research work at this level.

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Current research projects