Watch Walk Platform- Extract daily-life walking speed, quality, and quantity from smartwatches

The Watch Walk Platform project aims to create a platform to enable researchers to extract daily-life walking speed, quality, and quantity measures from smartwatches and wrist sensors. The program processes time-series data obtained from motion sensor accelerometric data to generate a comprehensive report that includes: (1) daily-life walking quality parameters such as step-time variability and step regulation; (2) maximal and usual walking speed; (3) step counts; and (4) bedtime and sleep duration. 

This platform will provide a valuable tool for researchers interested in daily-life mobility, and assist with:

  • Establishing clinical population norms.
  • Enhancing understanding of pathophysiology.
  • Assessing the efficacy of interventions in clinical trials.
  • Evaluating disease progression.
  • Screening disease risk.
  • Adjusting medication dosage.
  • And much more

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