The GAT Study – Treadmill-based gait adaptability: effects of ageing and Parkinson’s Disease on brain activity

The GAT study is investigating how well healthy adults and adults with Parkinson’s Disease adapt their walking pattern under time constraints when walking on a treadmill. With NeuRA’s functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) system, we will also be able to observe how this relates to brain activity. We also hope this study will reinforce our understanding of fall risk during walking.

The GAT team are looking for healthy volunteers and volunteers with Parkinson’s Disease who:

  • are aged 18 years and older
  • are living independently in the community
  • are able to walk for 15 minutes continuously without a mobility aid
  • have no medical history of stroke, colour-blindness or cognitive impairment
  • have no other diagnosis of neuro-degenerative or psychiatric condition

Eligible volunteers will be invited to NeuRA (in Randwick) for a 2‑hour appointment to complete a series of health questionnaires and fall risk assessments, followed by a treadmill walking assessment where they will be fitted with a full-body safety harness and the fNIRS kit. All participants will receive a Fall Risk Report and a $30 Coles Myer Gift Card to compensate for any travel expenses.

Register your interest or contact the GAT team at 02 9399 1067, 02 9399 1098 or email hidden; JavaScript is required for more information.