The efficacy of online interventions in improving student mental health and wellbeing

Previous reports indicate that online interventions have the potential to improve mental wellbeing in the general population. However, most of these studies have focused on reducing mental illness symptoms such as depression and anxiety without focusing on improvements in positive measures of mental health such as those measured by A/​Prof Justine Gatt’s COMPAS‑W measure of wellbeing. It is important to confirm whether online interventions can promote positive aspects of mental health while also reducing negative symptoms in the student population as this would suggest improvements in mental resilience. Thus, this project aimed to identify and test whether an online positive psychology intervention improved student mental health during university semester. 

This project has been completed.

Chilver MR and Gatt JM. (2021). Six-week online multi-component positive psychology intervention improves subjective wellbeing in young adults. Journal of Happiness Studies, Sep 5, 1 – 22https://​doi​.org/​10​.​1007​/​s​10902-021 – 004493