Measuring and promoting wellbeing in different mental health settings

Associate Professor Justine Gatt is leading a project that aims to confirm the utility of measuring wellbeing in various mental health settings, and to develop wellbeing programs using different platforms. A/​Prof Gatt has developed the composite wellbeing scale, COMPAS‑W, which measures both subjective wellbeing (hedonia) and psychological wellbeing (eudaimonia). This project will test the practicality and value of measuring mental wellbeing using the COMPAS‑W Wellbeing Scale in multiple settings including hospital in-patients, hospital staff, and out-patients visiting mental health clinics. This project will also develop and/​or evaluate wellbeing-focused interventions including workplace wellbeing group programs and an online smartphone wellbeing app.

A/​Prof Gatt is the Lead Investigator on this project. Collaborating organisations and supporting partners include SESLHD area health service, Prince of Wales Hospital, headspace and Project Factory.

This project is currently supported by a Mindgardens Neuroscience Network Grant.