Innovative approaches to prevent falls in older people

Physical exercise training has been the primary focus of single interventions trials to reduce falls and advance healthy ageing. However, high attrition rates suggest that current approaches are not sufficient to guarantee long-term adherence to exercise in the majority of older adults. Technology-based solutions have potential to deliver individually-tailored home-based falls prevention programs without increasing the cost of delivering such an intervention.

  1. As part of a qualitative research study, we aim to gain an understanding of older people’s perceptions and engagement in (technology-based) exercise programs for falls prevention, and elaborate on how best to design and deliver such interventions to optimise older people’s engagement and adherence.
  2. We have developed a variety of novel, technology-based exercise programs that enable maintenance, tailoring and progression of exercises. In our current research, we are investigating the effectiveness of these individually-tailored intervention programs to prevent falls and advance healthy ageing, in addition to detailed adherence and cost-effectiveness analyses. Some examples are the SureStep stepping-based exercise program using a dance mat linked to the home’s television, the Standing Tall home-based exercise program using a mobile app, and the iStoppFalls exercise program using a television.