Developmental schizotypy in the general population

This project uses the framework provided by the NSW Child Development Study to identify childhood risk profiles for schizophrenia and related psychotic disorders. Child self-report data from the Middle Childhood Survey (collected when the children were ~11 years old) were used to identify 4 distinct patterns of risk in the general population. These patterns of childhood risk were investigated in relation to later mental health outcomes, with consideration of early childhood risk factors, potential developmental mediators, and parental mental health problems. 

This project leveraged linked population data from the NSW Child Development Study, a longitudinal study of a state-wide population of children (N=~91,000) and their parents, for whom we have linked records from multiple government departments with information from teacher- and child-reported cross-sectional surveys completed at ages 5 and 11 years respectively.

This project received funding from the National Health and Medical Research Council (Project Grant 1148055; 2018 – 23).

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