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Associate Professor

Chris White

Current Appointments

NeuRA Board Member

Chris is the Executive Director of Maridulu Budyari Gumal, a Research Translation Centre accredited by the NHMRC advocating for community engaged, evidence-based recommendations and equitable access to care. He is a Board Member of the Health Science Alliance supporting the Randwick Health & Innovation Precinct's translational research program.

Chris explored Vitamin D's role in bone and newer links between the skeleton and carbohydrate metabolism. With 30 years of experience in clinical-academic and executive roles, including as SESLHD Director of Research and Medical Co-Director at the Prince of Wales Hospital, he excels in team restructuring and leadership. Proficient in redesign and delivering Research Strategies Chris introduced advanced technologies and AI applications in healthcare through a cloud-based data integration platform. His recent focus involves developing innovative software for clinical decision-making, emphasizing remote monitoring and community-based responsiveness to chronic illnesses.

Still practicing as a physician and endocrinologist, Chris uses knowledge-based systems for reporting Bone Mineral Density and osteoporosis fracture identification. Dedicated to teaching and mentoring, he has held senior teaching positions, directed physician training, and established esteemed teaching programs. Chris, an invited speaker at national and international forums, has authored numerous peer-reviewed manuscripts and holds patents for tissue-specific gene expression in bone.