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Vaughan Macefield

Current Appointments

Senior Principal Research Fellow, NeuRA (Honorary)
Professor of Integrative Physiology, School of Medicine, Western Sydney University
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Vaughan Macefield completed his PhD in respiratory neurophysiology under Dr Bruce Nail at UNSW in 1986 and then spent four years with Prof David Burke and Prof Simon Gandevia at Prince Henry Hospital, learning microneurography and other human neurophysiological techniques. In 1990, he received an NHMRC CJ Martin Fellowship to study with Prof Roland Johansson, Prof Gunnar Wallin and Prof Ake Vallbo in Sweden and then spent a year with Prof Bigland-Ritchie at Yale University. Vaughan has been at Neuroscience Research Australia – supported by an NHMRC RD Wright Fellow, NHMRC Research Fellow and Senior Research Fellow – since 1994, before moving to Western Sydney University in 2006. Vaughan maintains an active laboratory at NeuRA, and performs concurrent microneurography and fMRI at the Clinical Imaging Facility.


2023 Sep

Effect of respiratory muscle training on load sensations in people with chronic tetraplegia: a secondary analysis of a randomised controlled trial

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2022, 01 Nov

The detection and sensory perception of inspiratory resistive loads in people with chronic tetraplegia

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2022 Jan

Tongue acceleration in humans evoked with intramuscular electrical stimulation of genioglossus

2021, 07 Oct

Intergenerational Practice in the Community—What Does the Community Think?

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2021, 01 Jul

Movement of the ribs in supine humans for small and large changes in lung volume


Supraspinal fatigue in human inspiratory muscles with repeated sustained maximal efforts

2019, 01 Jan

Reflex response to airway occlusion in human inspiratory muscles when recruited for breathing and posture


Genioglossus motor unit activity in supine and upright postures in obstructive sleep apnea

2018 Apr

Influence of respiratory mechanics and drive on genioglossus movement under ultrasound imaging

2018, 01 Mar

Motor unit territories in human genioglossus estimated with multichannel intramuscular electrodes