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Dr Ingrid Yeend is a research assistant in the Anstey Lab at NeuRA. She has an extensive background in hearing science, and has worked in various specialist clinical audiology, research and advisory roles. Ingrid is currently working as coordinator on the ReMind Brain Health Study, which investigates biological and behavioural markers of brain resilience and vulnerability to late life neurodegenerative conditions. Her research interests include speech perception, sub-clinical hearing, healthy ageing and cognition.


2024 Jan

Hearing aids reduce self-perceived difficulties in noise for listeners with normal audiograms

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2020 Sep

Discovering the unmet needs of people with difficulties understanding speech in noise and a normal or near-normal audiogram

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2019, 02 Dec

Adults who report difficulty hearing speech in noise: an exploration of experiences, impacts and coping strategies

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2019 May

Working memory and extended high-frequency hearing in adults

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2018 Aug

Effects of lifetime noise exposure on the middle-age human auditory brainstem response, tinnitus and speech-in-noise intelligibility

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2017 Sep

The effects of noise exposure and musical training on suprathreshold auditory processing and speech perception in noise

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2015, 01 Jan

Factors affecting reliability and validity of self-directed automatic in situ audiometry

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2010 Dec

Validity and reliability of in-situ air conduction thresholds measured through hearing AIDS coupled to closed and open instant-fit tips

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2010 Aug

Evaluation of frequency compression and high-frequency directionality

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The effect of frequency-dependent microphone directionality on horizontal localization performance in hearing-aid users

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