Stuttering and its impact on wellbeing in children and their caregivers

A/​Professor Justine Gatt is co-leading a project with speech pathologist Verity MacMillan focusing on stuttering and its impact on wellbeing in children and their caregivers. The mental health and wellbeing of children who stutter and their caregivers will be evaluated pre-treatment, mid-treatment and post-treatment to evaluate changes in response to stuttering treatment. We will determine the impact that stuttering has on mental wellbeing from the outset, as well as the factors that determine an optimal and faster treatment response.

The investigators on this project include Verity MacMillan (SWSLHD) and A/​Prof Gatt as Co-Leads (NeuRA and UNSW, Australia), and Stacey Sheedy (SWSLHD), Wendy Lloyd (SWSLHD) and Haeme Park (NeuRA and UNSW, Australia) as co-investigators.

This project was supported by a SWSLHD Clinical Knowledge Exchange Seed Funding Initiative.

This project is still ongoing.


Data collection is still ongoing, with analyses to follow once complete.