Latent profiles of child psychopathology and mental health disorder in adolescence: A prospective population-based record linkage study

This project uses the framework of the NSW Child Development Study to identify profiles of psychopathology in the population during middle childhood and identify risk factors for these population profiles of psychopathology; in later years of the NSW-CDS these profiles will be used to predict the mental disorders and criminal behaviour emerging in early adolescence. This will provide critical information for the identification of timely targets for preventive intervention early in the course of mental illness.

This project leverages population data from the NSW Child Development Study, focused on ~22,000 children who completed the Middle Childhood Survey in 2015, combined with linked administrative data for these children and their parents.

This project has received funding from the National Association for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression (Young Investigator Grant 25050; 2017 – 18).

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