NeuRA Magazine #40

What's in this issue?

In this issue of NeuRA Magazine we celebrate the Institute’s three decades of impact.

  • We look back at key moments in NeuRA’s history – including some of the landmark scientific, clinical and consumer impacts achieved by our incredible researchers.
  • Scientia Professor George Paxinos, NeuRA’s resident cerebral cartographer, psychologist and author, tells us what it’s like to discover new regions of the brain…and to write an eco-novel based on neuroscience principles. After 21 years at NeuRA, Professor Paxinos and his team are embarking on their most ambitious project yet: developing a 3D map of the living human brain.
  • We explore Scientia Professor Kaarin Anstey’s work to keep people driving safely for longer as they age. Her research team is currently recruiting volunteers to take part in a multidimensional study that aims to decrease risks and improve driver safety in older Australians.
  • PhD student Yuchen Xie shares the research she’s doing to help older people and their families navigate the complexities of the home-based aged care system.