NeuRA Magazine #39

What's in this issue?

The Autumn 2022 issue of the NeuRA Magazine (#39) we are proud and pleased to launch NeuRA’s 30th anniversary year (2022). Our tagline is celebrating 30 years of impact’, and throughout the year we’ll be sharing with you our research game-changers – the initiatives and the people which have made the greatest difference to those affected by brain and nervous system disorders.

We catch up with our founding scientist, Professor Simon Gandevia as he reflects on 30 years at Neuroscience Research Australia. We shine a light on magic MUGgLEs and our research on muscle contracture in cerebral palsy. We spend time with Professor James McAuley to become familiar with phantom limb pain and the Olympic effort to solve a debilitating problem.

This year, 2022, marks 10 years since NeuRA researchers Professors Jacqueline Close and Ian Harris led the development of the Australian and New Zealand Hip Fracture Registry (ANZHFR) – a clinical registry that collects data on the care provided to older people who have been admitted to hospital with a fracture, as well as the outcomes of this care. We learn that it has resulted in hospitals seeing improvements in management of pain, time to surgery, assessment by a geriatrician and early mobilisation.