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Fiona is a biomedical engineer working on two large-scale sleep apnea studies, led by Professor Lynne Bilston. These projects aim to investigate how the upper airway muscles work to stay open during sleep and whether these mechanisms are influenced by the electrical activity in the muscles, the sensation in the airway, and/or the size and shape of the muscles. The group is also examining whether or not new magnetic resonance imaging methods can predict whether a mandibular advancement splint will be an effective treatment for individuals suffering from obstructive sleep apnea prior to them committing to an expensive custom splint and lengthy trial time.


2022, 13 Jun

The relationship between mandibular advancement, tongue movement, and treatment outcome in obstructive sleep apnea

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2022, 01 Feb

Task-dependent neural control of regions within human genioglossus

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2021, 10 Dec

Effect of upper airway fat on tongue dilation during inspiration in awake people with obstructive sleep apnea

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2021, 09 Apr

Mandibular advancement splint response is associated with the pterygomandibular raphe

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2021, 12 Mar

Influence of mandibular advancement on tongue dilatory movement during wakefulness and how this is related to oral appliance therapy outcome for obstructive sleep apnea

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2020, 14 Apr

Nocturnal swallowing augments arousal intensity and arousal tachycardia

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2020, 16 Feb

Regional respiratory movement of the tongue is coordinated during wakefulness and is larger in severe obstructive sleep apnoea

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2019, 01 Nov

Respiratory-related displacement of the trachea in obstructive sleep apnea

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