NeuRA Seminar Series 2023

The NeuRA Seminar Series aims to provide the opportunity to listen to interesting and leading research across all fields of neuroscience. Presenters will include a mix of NeuRA-based scientists, as well as invited presentations from external domestic and international scientific experts. The presentations are held Fridays fortnightly at 12 noon online and in the Level 3 John and Betty Lynch Seminar Room. The presentations aim to run for one hour.

The Seminar Committee is also continuing NeuRA Fast Talks / Drinks Series for 2023. This is an internal networking event that aims to occur monthly on the third Wednesday of the month from 4pm, this will include 3 – 4 NeuRA speakers followed by casual drinks.

If you are interested in attending these seminars and wish to be added to the regular email mailing list, please fill out the form.

24-Feb-23Professor Carolyn SueNeuRARecharging the batteries: Prequel to the Nix gene therapy story
10-Mar-23Mr Rodrigo Rizzo McAuley
Mr Michael WewegeMcAuley
24-Mar-23Ms Kathryn LeanyCancer Voices
21-April-23Ms Sharon WallRadford
Ms Sophie DebsPurves-Tyson
19-May-23A/​Prof Ingvars BirznieksBirznieks
A/​Prof Richard VickeryBirznieks
2‑Jun-23Mr Keith McNaughtonMcCaughey
Mr Brian ChowHerbert
16-Jun-23Mr Jun CaoRae
Dr Morag TaylorDelbaere

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Dr Jasmine Menant, Chair (email hidden; JavaScript is required)

Dr Bart Bolsterlee, Deputy chair (email hidden; JavaScript is required)

Dr Annie Palermo (email hidden; JavaScript is required)

Ms Madeleine Veinovic (email hidden; JavaScript is required)

Dr Steve Kassem (email hidden; JavaScript is required)

Dr Adam Walker (email hidden; JavaScript is required)

Mr Lloyd Chan (email hidden; JavaScript is required)

Dr Kim van Schooten (email hidden; JavaScript is required)

Dr Lauriane Jugé (email hidden; JavaScript is required)

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