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July - Prof Tony Broe interviewed by 2SER Radio about the Koori Growing Old Well Study

June - Dr Fiona Kumfor quoted in the Sydney Morning Herald about memory 

June - Dr Fiona Kumfor and Sicong Tu wrote a review for The Conversation about memory

June - Assoc/ Prof Tim Karl on Channel Seven News regarding cannabidiol and Alzheimer's disease

May - Prof George Paxinos in Greek Reporter regarding the Soul and the brain

May - Prof George Paxinos in Neos Kosmos (Greek Media) regarding free will and the brain 

May - Dr James McAuley in NZDoctor regarding back pain 

May - Prof Tony Broe in The Age regarding concussions in football

May - NeuRA fundraiser 'Bridge for Brains' mentioned in the Myall Coast News 

May - NeuRA fundraiser 'Bridge for Brains' mentioned in the Walcha News 

May -  Dr Phu Hoang appeared on SBS News  discussing his research into dance matts and how they benefit thinking and balance in multiple sclerosis 

April - Dr Muireann Irish spoke to ABC Brisbane  about the function and mechanisms of memory 

April - Prof Rob Herbert was interviewed by Phisopedia podcasts about his work into exercise and stretching muscles 

April - Prof Lynne Bilston spoke to Channel 9 News about NeuRA's study into mandibular mouth splints to treat sleep apnoea 

March - Kylie Radford spoke to Dementia News about indigenous Australian dementia rates  

March - Prof Peter Schofield commented on a Finnish study identifying ways to stay healthier longer on Channel 7 news 

March - Prof Tony Broe appeared on ABC Clasic FM with Margaret Throsby discussing healthy ageing and indigenous health

February - Prof Peter Schofield appeared on Tony Delroy's 'Nightlife' program on the ABC discussing the latest in brain research

February - Dr Rebekah Ahmed wrote an opinion piece for the Sydney Morning Herald about dementia

February - Prof George Paxinos wrote an opinion piece for the Sydney Morning Herald about love a the brain

January - Dr Muireann Irish and Dr Rebekah Ahmed wrote a review in The Conversation about the film 'Still Alice'

January - Prof Rhoshel Lenroot wrote an article for The Conversation about her study into 'aggressive boys'

January - Dr Rebekah Ahmed was on Eastside radio discussing dementia



November - Dr Liz de Rome speaks about motorcycle protective clothing with Illawarra Mercury

November - Prof Peter Schofield appeared on Channel Seven talking about dementia

November - Prof Peter Schofield quoted in The Sunday Telegraph to launch Remember December

November  - Dr Lee Walsh talks to David Murray from the ABC's
'In the lab' radio series about proprioception and phantom limbs.

November  - Dr Fiona Kumfor talks on ABC radio Adelaide about memory loss

October  - NeuRA's Dr James Burrell comments on a study from the US about chocolate and brain health, watch the SBS story.

October -  Prof.  Rob Herbert talk to ABC Science about stretching before and after exercise

October -  Prof.  Jacqueline Close featured in International Innovation for her work on hip fracture and cognitive function.

October -  Prof Rhoshel Lenroot spoke to ABC 702 evenings, during mental health week. Listen here via the NeuRA soundcloud page.

October -  Prof Cyndi Shannon Weickert spoke to the ABC's All in the Mind about schizophrenia 

October - Sharon Savage spoke on Eastside radio about semantic dementia.

October - A/ Prof Oliver Piguet talk with Richard Glover on ABC 702 about the sense of smell

October - Dr Kim Delbaere talks to Medical Express about depression and hip fracture

October 12 - Dr Liz de Rome spoke on Eastside radio about motorcyle protective clothing

September 3  - Prof Rhosel Lenroot is leading a study that is using eye contact to better understand aggression in teenage boys as explained in MedicalXpress.

August 15 - Prof Peter Schofield talks to Men's Health Magazine about treating depression

July 18  - Assoc Prof Olivier Piguet spoke to 4BC weekend breakfast about how far off we are to an acurate blood test to diagnose dementia. 

July 7  - Prof John Hodges launched the ACEmobile app in July. The story featured on various sites including Choice on-line, Seven and Medical Express. 

30 May 2014 | Prof Cyndi Shannon Weickert spoke with the ABC's Conversations with Richard Fidler on her research into new treatments for schizophrenia.

Cyndi's twin brother, Scott, was diagnosed with schizophrenia when they were teenagers. She now credits the insights she gained from her brother's illness with informing and driving her research.
In recent years, Cyndi and her team have identified potential causes for the illness, including 'broken' oestrogen receptors within molecules.
Further trials are underway for a treatment they've developed which is showing potential for great improvements in the cognition of schizophrenic patients.

April 2 - Lauren Bartley and Yue Huang wrote a piece explaining Alzheimer's for The Conversation 

Feb 18 - Rebecca Mitchell made world news with her study about fall rates and obesity

Jan 13 - Professor Rhoshel Lentroot talk to NineMSN about how much television children should watch

Jan 6  -  Dr James McAuely and PHD student Flavia Di Pietro wrote a pice for The Conversation  about where pain sits in the brain 

Dec 27 -  The Sydney Morning Herald covered our 'bringing up the rear' seminar 

Dec 4 - Professor Lynne Bilston joined Natasha Mitchell on ABC Radio National's Life Matters to talk about car seat safety

November 1 - The Sydney Morning Herald visited NeuRA to find out about the future of Parkinson's diagnosis.  

October 14 - Dr Norman Swan interviewed Dr Danny Eckert on The Health Report about his paper identifying risk factors for sleep apnoea. 

October 31  - ABC online's health site The Pulse, chat to Professor Lynne Bilston about  keeping kids safe in cars

October 25  - Hear Dr Muireann Irish talk to ABC Melbourne 774 presenter Libbi Gore about why we need to daydream

October 25  - Dr Muireann Irish wrote a piece in The Conversation about 'Daydreaming' and the memory network 

October 24  - Professor Lynne Bilston talks about the new car restraint guidlines on The World Today 

October 1 - Professor Simon Gandevia explains on the ABC how he and his team managed to trick the brain 


15 August  2013 | Is there a difference between a man and a woman's brain? | Dr Cindy Shin-Yi Lin answers the question with CLEO magazine - Read her thoughts here